How to cranckup 20year VT49

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How to cranckup 20year VT49

Postby nzbgamer » Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:00 am

Dear readers

I,ve a VT49 it didn't run for over 20 year and the cranck doesn't turn.
I want to fill it with alcohol in the hope it will loosen up without dismanteling the engine.
Is this a good idea?
When I put it away 20 years ago I always used special conserve oil (thick) so that will probilaty cause the problem

Second question
I read the manual which says never close the ventline bottom of cranckcase but (engine did runs ok 20 years ago) there are 2 holes 1 closes to the prop has ventilation the other farrest from the prop is closed.
I used the engine horizontal so the open vent in front goes upwards and the closed vent side ways.

Regards Wim
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Re: How to cranckup 20year VT49

Postby MECOA » Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:54 pm

Try heating the engine to 210º F ( 100º C ) - this should loosen it.

Question 2
Muffler pressure must be connected to head. Vent line on bottom of crankcase must be vented to open air. Do not plug this line off.

For tank pressure, use "T" between muffler and head or if more pressure is required due to poor fuel draw, connect muffler pressure direct to tank and vent both engine lines. Be sure to use fuel with correct oil content.
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