HP .61 Gold CUP Help!!!

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HP .61 Gold CUP Help!!!

Postby Riverruns2me » Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:26 am

Hi, I recently purchased a used HP .61 GC and it seems to have very little prop kick back ( 1/4") when oiled with Turbine oil (Norvey brand), should I consider the compression as Bad, Fair, or good. It does not pop back like a good engine should.
There is also some play near TDC, feels a little funky, is this normal? If the motor is too worn can I replace it with a cylinder and ringed piston or do I have to go with the ABC cylinder / Piston set? Is this viable or a bad idea? I like the engine but $88.00 is a little more than my budget allows.
Also, does anyone make a Pitts Muffler for this motor, I bought the Slimline 2212 and the bolt centers are different. Thanks for your time and consideration! :D Bill
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Postby MECOA » Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:01 pm

If your is an ABC it is worn out. If it is a reinged version it has a dykes type ring. Read about it here

As for a pitts type muffler -- We use a 4 mm screw in these so you will not find the exadt one but can easily modify one made for the RJL K.61 or YS .61
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