HP Gold Cup .40 Sleeve Question

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HP Gold Cup .40 Sleeve Question

Postby tzsetzse » Fri Mar 18, 2005 5:51 pm

I picked up an well used Gold Cup 40 off eBAY. The sleeve and piston were pretty well burnt with the piston head loaded with carbon.
Using the Dremel wire brush, I cleaned the piston head. I applied a torch to the crankcase to get the sleeve to drop out. RUST.
After cleaning it up outside but not touching the inside of the sleeve, I could not get it to reseat into the crankcase without reheating. I also buffed the inside of the crankcase prior to attempting to reseat the sleeve as well.
Shouldn't the sleeve slip back into the crankcase WITHOUT reheating once cleaned? Is this an indicator that something is warped? Naturally, I cracked the ring in two attempting all this so I've ordered two replacements from this site.
Should I replace the sleeve AND piston? I really don't want to reinvest that much into an engine over 20 years old!

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Postby MECOA » Thu Mar 24, 2005 9:19 pm

Doesn't sound good. The fit between the crankcase and cylinder is a precision slip fit. Too much clearance will cause leakage and very pood running. Try using some emory 400 gritt paper and sand the sleeve and inside of the case. Do not remove any material other than nicks or corrosion. It can not leak the crankcase compression out and it must transfer heat.
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