HP VT .61

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HP VT .61

Postby Sueco » Wed Jun 09, 2004 1:26 pm

I have recently bought an HP VT .61 engine but no manual was included when I bought it. The former owner did not have any info about it.

My need is some tech info about performance in RPM range and also Horse Power values. Also recommended prop sizes for running in and for normal use.

If there are any special issues to be aware of concerning this engine I would be grateful to know it, I don´t want to break it since it is rare.

I already know about the "T" crossing for giving a marginal lubrication to the head but this preassure is also used for tank prassure and I don´t know if it is of any use for the head.

I intend to use this engine in a model of a Swedish airplane flewn 1917-1923 called Thulin-K produced in the town of Landskrona (wich also is the town of my flying club)

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Postby MECOA » Fri Jun 11, 2004 12:39 pm

I will post a reply on power output shortly.

The VT .49 owners guide is the same information as for the VT .61

This is posted at http://www.mecoa.com in the owners guide section

Use the tee fitting between the head and muffler for tank pressure. Leave the nipple on the bottom of the crankcase to open air (vent).

USE THE CORRECT GLOW PLUG. A standard long plug like the K&B 1L. DO NOT USE A 4 STROKE PLUG or any plug with anything protruding past the threads. This WILL ruin the valve.

Prop size is 11-7 or 11-8 or 12-7 for this engine.
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