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Super Tigre engine discussion

Postby Frank Klenk » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:26 pm

One of the engines I like to collect is the Super Tigre line. I have used them in the past and found them to run very nice. The odd one has given me grief setting up the carburetor but once I figured it out they ran great.
In this post I like to talk about the 60 V engine.
There must be different models and here is what I notice.

Engine A: I have one without the muffler ears (NIB). The 60 is in a circle, piston has 1 ring.

Engine B: One with ears (new). The 60 is in a circle, piston has 1 ring.
The inards of A and B are identical, crank has BB60/1 stamped. Heads are about .500 tall.

Engine C: Without ears and I am rebuilding. 60 is in a circle but the top and bottom of the circle are flat. Inards are same as A and B but the cylinder head is taller by maybe .100". Piston is a single ring.

Engine D: Without ears and I am rebuilding. Now this one is odd. 60 is in a circle with the top and bottom flat. Same crank as above but the piston has 2 rings with a lower pin hole and a shorter rod. The engine is the same stroke but with a shorter rod, maybe higher rpm? My guess. Not sure why the taller heads, maybe better cooling? I can't vouch if the rod and piston are stock, maybe out of a Bluehead 60? Who knows.

Any one out there have any Super Tigre comments / comparisons?
Frank Klenk
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Postby keiranval » Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:56 am

SuperTigre engines are nothing fancy — just supremely practical investments with solid, trouble-free performance. Features include dual bearings for long, low-friction life, a one-piece crankcase webbed to prevent distortion and lightweight cast heads to cut weight and cool better. Bolt-through mufflers that can be angled for maximum installation ease. Ringed versions include thermally treated, low-friction steel sleeves, while ABC version deliver true, hard chromeplated cylinders and the extra power that all-out aerobatics require.
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