K&B .61 Missing Mystery Part

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K&B .61 Missing Mystery Part

Postby Kalkan » Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:10 pm

I'm in the process of re-assembling a K&B .61 ringed r/c engine I tore down about 10 years ago to replace the bearings. It was purchased new around 1980. It has the block style K&B carb.

As best as I can recall, this engine had a machined aluminum "spacer" on top of the cylinder between the crankcase and head. This "spacer" has unfortunately turned up missing due to the many years of storage/moving.

I cannot find _any_ references to this part on the web or Mecoa.com. The 6550 parts diagram makes no mention of it.

Do any of you know where I could find a replacement, or at least a blueprint of the part so I could machine one? Is the current model head made to eliminate this "spacer?"

Thanks for any help,
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Postby knben » Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:58 pm

order head shim set 29-6111
it's for the k&b 6170 engine but the bore is the same and the strok is also the same thats what i did for my 1985 K&B 6550 .61 engine i put 2500 hours on that .61 engine then it was time to rebuild new sleeve,piston,ring.wristpin ass, new ball bearings front and rear..
just fired it back up on the 18 sept 09 to do the brake in of the new parts all whent well ,whent flying today.....hope that helps tia
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