how to select a glowplug?????

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how to select a glowplug?????

Postby hossra63 » Fri Feb 04, 2005 2:26 pm

I've just bought an ASP 0.46 two stroke engine and i've installed it upside down on my airoplane(RASCAL model).
Now I have a problem with engine running ,when it's flying the engine suddenly breaks down and it's using an OS 8 glowplug and sometimes FOX glowplug std. short with (5 % nitromethane + 22% castor oil +73 % methanole 95%) fuel.
what do u recommend me to do?
shall i change my glowplug or fuel mixture?

can someone describe me about long and short reach glowplugs or idle bar,i want to know more about them.
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Postby Chip Morrison » Wed May 04, 2005 5:28 am

Short reach glow plugs are used in small engines up to about .20 CI, thereafter use the long plug. Your .46 should use a long plug like a OS #8 or OS #3. I tend to use 15% nitro fuels because they have more available oxygen ergo power. :shock:

Not sure what your problem is :x , but if running rich you are gradually collecting extra fuel in the glow plug. That will foul it out. So I would suggest a little leaner run using higher nitro fuel. :wink:

Good luck.
Chip Morrison
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