Veco .19 C/L venturi ??

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Veco .19 C/L venturi ??

Postby tomporsche » Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:08 am

VECO .19 Venturi ??
I recently came across a good used Veco .19 R/C. Can I put a C/L venturi on this engine? I spent almost 1/2 hour on the MECOA home page trying to find parts for the Veco and only found [by accident] a rear cover. Do they [MECOA], make parts for this engine ? I had an R/C version of this engine many years ago, and it ran great. I would like to put this one on a Jr Flight Streak. I know I can wire the Throttle open, but I would rather have the real C/L venturi if it still is available, either from MECOA or another source.
Thanks, Tom
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Postby loucrane » Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:03 pm


This would be a heckuva lot of engine for a Jr Flite Streak! Also a lot of weight for the ~230 sq in of wing area... Also for the VERY short tank space from backplate to wing LE...

30+ years ago, while I served (USArmy) in California, guys were flying SIG Twisters and Banshees on VECO/K&B 19s! That's over double the wing area!

The current MECOA setup makes it difficult for the company to answer specific questions like yours. It MAY be that the current K&B/VECO .19 CL choke and NVA are a good drop-in, but I can't say with any certainty.

And MECOA is definitely producing the VECO 19BB...

Luck! It's a great engine. Just keep the Castor content about 20%-22%, and rely on the torque, not the top-end RPM.
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Veco/K&B .19 C/L venturi NEED

Postby tomporsche » Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:27 pm

Thanks Lou for the input.
I figured that the .19 would be at the upper end of the engine range for the Jr. Flight streak.
I also have a new ARF Brodak Super Clown, maybe that would be the better choice. I originally planned to put my New Brodak .25 on it, but the .19 might be just the ticket. I'd still like to find a C/L venturi for it.
With the super long nose on the Sig Banshee I could see how a Veco .19 would work, but it would have to be light.
Thanks again, Tom
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